Our Artists

MUD Gallery is committed to supporting artists in their creative endeavors. We provide a platform for both emerging and established artists to showcase their works, helping them gain exposure and recognition. We also offer mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and resources to assist artists in their professional growth. By nurturing local talent, we aim to cultivate a thriving arts community in Hamilton and beyond.

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Artist's Corner


Robyn Agnew

I’m Robyn Agnew, owner and operator of At Random Photography. I’m a self taught Photographer, lover of Australian Flora and Fauna. 

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Taylah Fenwick

With a bachelors degree in communication design, Taylah Fenwick has returned from university in Ballarat to work full time as a graphic designer in Hamilton. Any spare time is spent creating artworks with fineliner and exhibiting in art shows in the region.

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Carol Pryle

I grew up on farms west of Hamilton in Victoria. I lived in Melbourne for 7 years then travelled in India for 6 months, and have been living in Hamilton since 1992 (apart from regular travel). I studied Fine Art at Melbourne University and Deakin University, and have been taught painting by Howard Arkley, Christine Johnson, and Lars Stenberg, amongst others.

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Ross Dean

A retired VCE Art examiner and former school principal. Upon arrival at Casterton 4 years ago I became active in pursuing landscape photography in South West Victoria and South East South Australia. The results of this activity were shared in the Gorman Art Gallery in Casterton. I have now moved permanently to Hamilton and the wonderful Arts community continuing my landscape photography and engaging in membership with the Mud Gallery.

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Ricki Shembri

Born in Sydney, Australia 1972. I am predominantly a pastel artist. For the last 10 years I have been painting local scenes in South West Country Victoria, mainly Koroit and Killarney where I have lived since 1996. 

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Isabella Compson

I am the youngest member of the MUD Gallery. When you are in Hamilton, you can checkout my paintings and cards for sale at the MUD Gallery in the town centre.

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Belinda Louise Rogers

Foodie, textile artist! I Spin, I felt, I weave, I paint, I capture moments, I love colour! I love life!

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Thomas Levi Cooke

Photography has been a lifelong hobby and I am rarely without my two cameras.

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Jo Howell

In Feb 2013, I started painting classes with Sandra Kranz who ran them through HIRL Arts before it became MUD Gallery. She was a great teacher who inspired me to want to know more.

I have lived in Hamilton for over 22 years and run a business in town with my husband, as
well as volunteering at the Mud Gallery in various roles.

Rose Howard

I started drawing when I was 5 or 6 and it became a long journey for me….all my life! I passed Year 12  Art with honours and have continued drawing and painting from there. My favourite style is drawing, in pencil, ink, charcoal and pastel. I have entered a few art shows and have received some rewards for it. I will continue to draw and paint until I can’t do it any more!

Roger Edwards

A fascination for the natural world led me to connect with the art of wildlife and become a multi award winning wildlife artist

While birds have always been my favoured subject close links with native flora developed throughout my forestry profession expanding my art appreciation of Grampians terrestrial orchids.

The most satisfying aspects of my art include the sense of achievement and the fellowship shared with other artists along the way.

Nicole Crawford

Nicole Crawford is a fifth-generation, young woolgrower on her family’s ‘Rock-Bank Merino and Poll Merino Stud.

She has a passionate interest in photography and the stud sheep & wool are her world. So, she decided to pull together the two – creating works in the medium of gift cards which will go out into the big, wide world. 

In particular, she works primarily in monochrome, because she feels the black & white tone boosts the character of her photographic works.

Bernadine Kelvy

Bernadine Kelvy, also known sometimes as “Bluedog Ceramics”, has been playing with clay for about 10 years now. She finds her inspiration from the colours and patterns in the natural environment around her. Constantly evolving and trying new art methods, she had a lovely time at an oil painting workshop given by Emma Stuart and is looking forward to participating in Britt Gow’s Gelli Print and Linocut workshop early in February 2024.

Who knows, maybe there will be some “Bluedog” hanging on the walls as well as sitting on the shelves?

Jennie O'Donnell

 I have lived in Hamilton since 1978. I am retired and love painting and the fulfillment it brings me.

My works are of nature, I enjoy capturing the last rays of light reflecting off the clouds and leaves. I take my paints on my travels and attempt to capture moments that touch my heart.

Sheran Andrew

Sheran Andrew grew up in a very artistic and creative environment. Her Dutch born father was a naval navigator, town planner, artist and boat builder. Her mother was a designer and seamstress. Her father taught her to draw and paint and together they built the family fishing boat. Her mother taught her how to design and sew fabrics.

Until recently Sheran lived in the Canadian Rockies where she was a member of the Elevation Place Art Gallery. Her paintings of Canadian wildlife and mountain landscapes and seascapes hang in Canada, Florida, Italy, London and Brisbane and Hamilton, Australia.

Rob Drummond

I’ve had a lifelong passion for birds and the natural world.  I bought my first ‘serious’ telephoto lens in the 1980s and combined birding and photography.  My interest in the photographic side has steadily increased to the point where, when I go out into the bush or wetlands today it’s with a camera, not binoculars.

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Sarah Hoffman

Im local to Hamilton,  grew up in Bulart (20ish kilometres from Hamilton) on a farm. I met an art teacher that changed the way I viewed art. Things that before were far too complicated were now something simple. I couldn’t draw enough! I couldn’t paint enough! 

Im still creating every day, time permitted, and pour my love of creating unique pieces into everything I make.
I began making jewellery with beads and have since branched out into resin and upcycling anything possible. 

I love learning new ways to create and express myself and will give anything a go once.

Ian Patience

Timber is the heart and soul of what I do. For many years I restored old furniture, giving new life either as it was originally intended or in a slightly modified format. Over time I discovered that I wanted to take these traditional designs and give them a modern twist.

Inspired by the Arts & Crafts and Art Deco Movements and the elegant simplicity of Japanese design I found more and more that I wanted to design and make furniture that was unique. However, I wanted each piece to meet the needs of both current and future generations, in other words I wanted to make furniture that was unique and timeless.

Annette May

Annette has always been interested in art. Opportunities were welcomed at Cavendish Primary and Hamilton High School and Ballarat Teachers College where she was educated. Since retiring from teaching in 2008 she has continued to enjoy working with others in the field of art. Involvement has been working with adults, including the elderly at Eventide Stawell. More recently, participating and tutoring workshops with fellow artists has been a past-time. Workshops from Grampians Brushes continue to provide valuable tuition.

Annette is secretary and a keen member of the Pomonal Mixed Bunch group of local artists and also a member of the Hamilton MUD gallery.