Debbie Millard – Gumnut Gallery

Born and raised in Coleraine, Debbie married and moved to a farm near Merino where she has raised her own family. She loves the peace and serenity of her rural lifestyle and finds it compliments her artistic nature and provides a constant source of inspiration.

Debbie is a self taught artist who works mainly in watercolour and gouache. Her interest in art started in secondary school with local artist Mervyn Hill being her first art teacher. While watercolour is her preferred medium she was introduced to gouache during a workshop with well known wildlife artist Ego Giotto from Sydney. She has also benefited from the tutelage of natural history/scientific artist Mali Moir and has worked with local artist Roger Edwards.

Debbie has been constantly drawing and painting throughout her life. She began concentrating on botanical illustration in 1999 after being captivated by the detail and realism she saw in a local exhibition. Nature is her inspiration and trying to capture the beauty that surrounds us everyday.

Debbie describes her work as accurate realistic natural history. She is inspired by the natural world and the tiny details that are so often overlooked. Her main subject matter comes from the flora and fauna around her, with birds, insects and native plants being her main focal point at present. Her artwork is finely detailed and takes many painstaking hours to complete. Detail and warm rich colours combine to provide the viewer with a sense of being in the moment with the subject.

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